Friday, 14 November 2014

Writing Showcase

We had to write three different paragraphs or parts of writing for a Writing Showcase. We put a url on the doc to show that we have finished our three pieces of writing. These are my three pieces of writing.

WALT: Use a wide variety of adjectival and adverbial phrases to clearly convey meaning.



1st:Early in the morning, I run fast like a fully charged race car which goes up and down the tall, steep hills. I slowly sniffed up a chunk of minty fragrance. My nose whifts up the smell of peppermint. Smells of peppermint waft everywhere,fresh,fresh. The devine smell whirls around the trees like swirling ice cream. While big tall trees make a bridge over the top of me, I feel a surge of pleasure rushing through my body.  I looked to the right and see a muddy dirt path. It has a mix of stones and mud. Mud, slimy, slimy, mud. These words ring through my head like a bell on a door. Then I realize this is the amazing bike track that I use for sleading in the winter. It looks very different at this time of year. When the leaves are growing strong, the flowers start to bloom and blossom in the fresh new morning.

2:"Sunny why are you playing, fiddling and making shapes with the dentists stuff? What are you doing looking under Sunny's dress Callum? Your scared. Well, I want you to get out of the dress now. Girls need some privacy. Oh dear, Lili what were you doing outside the door? You got lost outside! Oh dear, well I'm just lucky that I didn't loose you. I am very sorry about all the fuss over these children. They just won't listen sometimes. I will try to keep them under control. Which child would you like to see first dentist? who is called... Oh, that right Mia? That was a very good choice. Ok Lili jump up onto the seat please. No Lili,I didn't mean keep on jumping on the seat, why you ask. You might break the seat. I don't care if you like it! Just sit on the seat. Don't you dear try it to Callum. Callum Wait hold on a second Callum. Sunny put the drill down. No way are you going to use that on someone's teeth."

3:She has got curly brown hair that goes down to her shoulders. Rosalind likes to wear her hair down a lot. Her eye’s are greenish goldy and they sparkle when she is happy. Her nose is medium sized and it is curvy too. The mouth of Rosalind's is medium and her teeth are white like snow on a mountain. She loves wearing t-shirts also shorts. Her favourite top is a orange and white striped top which has a little orange bow on one side of the top. She also loves wearing bare feet. Rosalind Says proudly, "I like to wear bare feet." She loves animals. Rosalind cares for animals. Her favourite animal is a horse who will canter fast in the morning breeze. She is very kind to animals. Rosalind is kind, caring and never gives up. When people are hurt she will go help them. She will say, "Are you all right!" I think Rosalind is a great friend to have. Her favourite toys is a sausage dog that sits, rolls over and who's best friends is Teatop The Turtle.