Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Book Bash Week 7

This week we had to use the Questions Starters, to help us make up four questions about the book Petronas. But they had to be around chapter nine-twelve. We have a buddy that emails us our questions and then we have to do the same to them. We get a week to complete the questions given.

These are the question my buddy gave me:

Invent a different way to find water without out the water stick.
They could try and find grass and where there is grass there could be water as said in the story.

Is the water stick useful for Baba?
Maybe not quite yet, but she could find some inner powers and one day the stick might work for her.

Tell me another time when you were in the situation where you couldn't find water for a long time.
I don't have one.

Why are they not allowed to go out after sunset?
Because it is dangerous for their tribe. Also people have gone to do something and they have ended up get put to sleep.

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