Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Book Bash Week 6

This week for Book Bash we had to give four questions related to Petronas to our partners. We have to answer them by the end of the week. These are the four questions that my partner has given me to answer.

Describe what it was like in the desert.
Very hot and dry. There is not much water in the desert. There are also not much plants because there is not much water. And at night it is very cold.

If you Created a new character what would it be.
Baba's twin sister. She has long hair, and looks a lot like Baba. Baba's twin sister would be called Baba the second. Well the two of them fight a lot and they find it hard to cope with the group and themselves.

Describe how you would feel being Baba.
I would feel very scared for the tribe and concerned about what I have to do each week for the tribe. I get a lot of feelings.

What instructions could you give to find water.
Don't push yourself just let it flow and then one day something might happen and you might be able to find water.

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