Tuesday, 26 May 2015


My writing task was to image I have stumbled across an image of one of the abandoned places our teacher sent to us. In the description of our writing that we wrote about the image we have to use a variety of conjunctions to create an image in the audience's mind.

This is the photo I choose out of three photos

I have highlighted the conjunctions I have used

There is an old concrete door in the middle of the dark, sandy path. There are lots of pilled rocks on the left of the door. The door looks like it used to belong to an old house because there are what look like walls circling around the door. You cannot see what is behind the door because it is pitch black in there. A very old tree stump lies on the top of the door in the right way so that it doesn't fall down. There is moss on the concrete walls.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Writing 'ing' And 'ed' Verbs At The Start Of Sentences

In writing we learnt about puting 'ing' and 'ed' verbs at the front of our sentences. I think I did a great job with coming up with two sentences that started with an 'ing' word.

Here is mine

Catch Me If You Can

Every week we learn about skills and movement that will help us play sports. This term’s focus has been around defense. We made a video showing some of the goals we have been practicing. I have highlighted the things I think I have done well YELLOW and one thing I would like to work on PINK.

WALT: Defensive skills and movements

Success Criteria:

Body Movement
  • Weight on balls of feet
  • Feet shoulder width apart
  • Knees flexed
  • Concentration and eyes on ball, head and eyes up
  • Push hard off outside foot and go forwards to attack pass
  • Quick small feet, stay on balls of feet
  • Arms within confines of body
  • Take feet to ball
  • Land with a SBP


  • Body angled to see player and ball
  • Anticipate pass and player movement

Restrictive Marking

  • Meet player as they start towards the ball/where they want to go
  • stay close to the attacking player
  • Head and eyes up, arms close to body to avoid obstruction/contact
  • Angle body so attacking player is ‘pushed’ away from where he/she wants to go
  • 0.9m from ball carrier

Click Below To Watch My Video

I think I did a great job but I could work on Pushing off my outside foot and go towards the attack pass because I didn't push off my outside leg. I will need to improve on that by getting someone to show me how to do it again and keep on practicing. I want to finish this by term. I think I will be able to complete my goal.

I think that you have been listening very well in CMIYC time. You are always on the balls of your feet ready to try get the ball. Next time I think you can work on making sure there is a small distance between you and your partner because you were quite close to your partner. You might get called for obstruction.


Friday, 15 May 2015

Discovery Time

Today we had Disovery Time. Discovery Time is when we get to chose a task that the teachers have given us to do. I chose sewing because it is fun to do and it is a really different experience because I have never done sewing before. At the moment I am trying to finish a pillow that I have started to make  I think it looks really cool. It has even got the first letter of my name on it and some polka-dots.

What do you think?

This Is me at Discovery Time with my sewing

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

I.N.G Verds

Today we learnt about I.N.G Verbs and puting them at the front of our sentences. For this task we have to complete a particular sentence with six sentences all the sentences have to start with an I.N.G word. 

The particular sentence is:
 Ariving by moonlight, there were three of us.

Here is mine: 
Ariving by moonlight, there were three of us. Darting across the rose petal garden we met in the middle of the garden with our beautiful red, white and orange dresses. Dancing around each other happy to see each other again at the palace. Stoping outside the palace steps we heard music coming from inside the palace. Racing up the stairs was very fun as we pushed each other laughing at our selfs. Ringing in our ear was the sound of the waltz coming from in the ball room. Entering the ballroom some people stopped and stared but we didn't care we went straight over to our seats to watch everyone dance.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Drivers And Blockers

Today we did a reading task about Drivers and Blockers for our learning. We had three sheets of paper  with pictures of things that could block our learning or drive it. A driver is someone or something that drives your learning so you can get on with your learning that you are doing but a blocker is the opposite to a driver because a blocker is someone or something that blocks the learning that you are doing. 

Here is my blockers and drivers sheet

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Writing 2015

This is my writing task that we did in class. I think I did a great job. We had to end and start a sentence in our own way. This is mine.