Tuesday, 12 May 2015

I.N.G Verds

Today we learnt about I.N.G Verbs and puting them at the front of our sentences. For this task we have to complete a particular sentence with six sentences all the sentences have to start with an I.N.G word. 

The particular sentence is:
 Ariving by moonlight, there were three of us.

Here is mine: 
Ariving by moonlight, there were three of us. Darting across the rose petal garden we met in the middle of the garden with our beautiful red, white and orange dresses. Dancing around each other happy to see each other again at the palace. Stoping outside the palace steps we heard music coming from inside the palace. Racing up the stairs was very fun as we pushed each other laughing at our selfs. Ringing in our ear was the sound of the waltz coming from in the ball room. Entering the ballroom some people stopped and stared but we didn't care we went straight over to our seats to watch everyone dance.

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