Monday, 7 December 2015


In Troys writing group we have been working on Poems and how different poems have different things that you might need to add in the poem. I will tell you about all the different types of poems we have learnt about.
A limerick is a poem that is allowed to rhyme. But you have to follow the correct amount of sentences and words in the poem. 
Free Verse Poetry is basically free, because you are sort of allowed to do whatever you want in the poem. You don't have to follow any rules, and it doesn't have to rhyme. 
A Cinquian is more strict about what you have to follow, unlike Free Verse Poetry. You have to follow a particular way you write your poem. The syllable pattern is 2,4,6,8,2. Also you don't want to give away to much information because you want the reader to figre out what your poem is about.

Troy's writing group have made a slide with our poems on them so you can see the different poems and guess which poem matches the different poems I have included above.

Feedback/Feedforward: I think your poems look great and you have worked hard to create lots of examples for people to see. There are also some great language features in there. Like similes and Repetition. Next time you could work on your Cinquains because you need to practise the format. You could try different subjects. rosalind:)

Evaluation: I think that I have done a great job with my poetry because I have added in everything that I need to add into my poems to make them interesting. Rosalind said that I needed to work on the format and have different subjects but I disagree with her because I think that I have included those really well.

Monday, 30 November 2015


In class I have been learning about Cinquains. A Cinquain is a type of poem. In a Cinquain we are allowed our story to not rhyme. Also we have to follow a certain way we write our poem because we have to have two syllables in the first line, four in the second line, three ing words in the third line, eight syllables in the second to last line, and finally two syllables in the last line. 

Here are my two poems:



Nice Leotards,

Pointing, moving, turning,

Dancing stylish across the room,


Eye On The Ball

Game on,

Whistle is blown,

Running, sweating, pushing,

And that is a goal for the red,


Feedback/Feedforward: I loved how when a person reads the poem you really have thought about what kind of words you use. I love how you can tell when you read it how passionate you are about ballet and hockey. Great Work! Rosalind:)

Thursday, 26 November 2015


This term we have had Inquiry. And in inquiry we have had a choice of which group we were in. There were groups like, Graduation, Building, Science, 3D Printing and more. We had taste testers at each station, to help us to decide which three groups we liked the most. I like Building first because it will help me for when I am older because I am going to become an Architect and an interior designer. Then I chooseImpact Projects second and Graduation third. And then after we decided our top three favourite then the teachers choose out of those three, which group we would be most suited at. I got my first choice. Then once we were in our groups we had to choose what we are going to leave behind at Russell St. 

I am going to be leaving a mark at RSS because of the bench that I am making. My bench that I am making is called a Buddy Bench. And a buddy bench is for, if you have no one to play with. Someone can come and ask if you would like to  play with them. It is also making people more happy at Russell St because they have buddy's and friends to play with.         

I am also think outside of the box because if it was just a bench that people would just sit on, how would that change the school if we have already have benches. But I am adding a twist by making something we have not got at school already.

My Planning:


What? What did you do today? What have you achieved? 
We found some wood pallets, to use. Then we found out where we needed to cut the wood, by our measurements that we have above. Then we started to see a bench come through. Then we also did some sanding.

So What? What have you learned? What was easy? What was hard? Why?
I have learnt how to saw and remove old pieces of wood. It was quite hard doing both at the start but then after awhile I got the hang of it. It was very hard because sometime when I was sawing rough parts of the wood got hard to saw through.

Now What? What are your goals for next week? 
My goals are to complete all the parts that we need for our Bench!


What? What did you learn today? What did you achieve?
Today we worked on the chair legs and sanding back the chair. 

So What? What have you learned? What was easy? What was hard?
I have now learnt how to sand properly and how to start the cutting with a saw. Sanding was really easy and starting the cutting was really hard.

Now What? What are your goals for next week?
Finish one more piece to our bench then start putting all the pieces together.


What? What did you learn today? What did you achieve?
We put all the pieces together and it was really hard to hammer the nails in because they would always go sideways.

So What? What have you learned? What was easy? What was hard?
I learnt how to hammer nails in properly. It was hard because the nail was always moving. 

Now What? What are your goals for next week?
Sanding, sanding and sanding!


What? What did you learn today? What did you achieve?
I did Sanding , Sanding and more Sanding!

So What? What have you learned? What was easy? What was hard?
I did Sanding and Sanding was really really hard because I did it for most of the time and my arm got tired.

Now What? What are your goals for next week? 
Sanding and painting.


What? What did you learn today? What did you achieve?
I did Painting, Painting and more painting. I learnt the getting a smaller amount of paint on your brush is much more easier and less messier than the opposite. And that going one way when using a paint brush makes everything look nice and professional.

So What? What have you learned? What was easy? What was hard?
Painting one way was quite easy, and getting the right amount of paint on the brush was hard.

Now What? What are your goals for next week? 
Cutting out the stencils that we are using for painting our letters.


What? What did you learn today? What did you achieve?
I achieved Painting the base the second coat. Also drawing the stencils, cutting them out and painting the words black. After that then I also added some splats of paint and hand prints. 

So What? What have you learned? What was easy? What was hard?
I learnt that staying in the lines when you are painting is very, very hard. And that using a small brush can make painting little letters more easy.

Now What? What are your goals for next week? 
That people are using the Buddy Bench for its purpose. And people are coming and asking if the person on the Buddy Bench if they would like to play.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Book Bash Week 7

This week we had to use the Questions Starters, to help us make up four questions about the book Petronas. But they had to be around chapter nine-twelve. We have a buddy that emails us our questions and then we have to do the same to them. We get a week to complete the questions given.

These are the question my buddy gave me:

Invent a different way to find water without out the water stick.
They could try and find grass and where there is grass there could be water as said in the story.

Is the water stick useful for Baba?
Maybe not quite yet, but she could find some inner powers and one day the stick might work for her.

Tell me another time when you were in the situation where you couldn't find water for a long time.
I don't have one.

Why are they not allowed to go out after sunset?
Because it is dangerous for their tribe. Also people have gone to do something and they have ended up get put to sleep.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Free Verse Poetry

In my writing group I have been learning about Poems. This particular Peom that we have been working on at the moment is called Free Verse Poetry. In Free Verse Poetry there is no limits about what you write about, how you lay it out, how much words you have in one sentence and it doesn't have to Ryhme.

This is my Free Verse Poem, I have crafted:

Silky and Soft,
Fluffy and furry,
I pat them everyday,
They have both got whiskers that twitch,
Four legs that take action,
Paws that have very sharp claws...,
And more,
Poppy smells like fresh, fresh hay,
Pasha smells like her yummy, yummy food,
Meow, goes Pasha,
Meow, Meow, Meow,
Sniff, goes Poppy,
Sniff, Sniff, Sniff,
One is a cat,
And one is a bunny,
They both can be very funny!
Poppy and Pasha are my two pets!


1) Reflect on the links to the senses you used: 
I used four out of five senses in my Poem. I think I used the four senses I put in my Poem very wisely and well.

2) Reflect on the language features you used:
I think I used similes and Repetition very well because I described what my pets were like perfectly.

3) Reflect on what you could improve on next time:
I think I could improve on language features more beacause I think that I could use it more.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Book Bash Week 6

This week for Book Bash we had to give four questions related to Petronas to our partners. We have to answer them by the end of the week. These are the four questions that my partner has given me to answer.

Describe what it was like in the desert.
Very hot and dry. There is not much water in the desert. There are also not much plants because there is not much water. And at night it is very cold.

If you Created a new character what would it be.
Baba's twin sister. She has long hair, and looks a lot like Baba. Baba's twin sister would be called Baba the second. Well the two of them fight a lot and they find it hard to cope with the group and themselves.

Describe how you would feel being Baba.
I would feel very scared for the tribe and concerned about what I have to do each week for the tribe. I get a lot of feelings.

What instructions could you give to find water.
Don't push yourself just let it flow and then one day something might happen and you might be able to find water.

Friday, 6 November 2015

Book Bash Week 3

This week for our follow-up of Petronas we had to get our buddy to make us four questions, from the Questions Starters. We had to make it about the book. From the Questions Starters we could choose from we added on the question about the book that would suit. I also gave my buddy four questions and she gave me four questions. Then we had to answer them. 

Here are my answers:

1. Who are the main characters?
Baba and Tulsi.

2. What examples can you find to help Baba be a better Baba?
Don't be stressed, be fresh, for new beginnings and possibilities. 

3. Based on what you know, how would you explain Petronas?
A weird, magical city, that could have anything round the corner.

4. Create a new character for the story?
Baba's twin sister. She has long hair, and looks a lot like Baba. Baba's twin sister would be called Baba the second. Well the two of them fight a lot and they find it hard to cope with the group and themselves.

Self Agentic

We got given a sheet to fill out about ourselves and what we think we do well and what we could work on in our learning. There are three columns and underneath those columns are what we need to complete in that column. The three columns are: Self Managing Learners, Self Directed Learners and Agentic Learners. These three columns go in order, from Self Managing, where you start and Agentic Learners where you are on the ball with your learning. I have highlighted what I have nailed yellow and what I need to carry on working on pink. Then the first pink on the questions that I need to work on is my goal. Then I go put my photo by the goal on the wall.

The sheet with the questions that I had to fill out:

Here is the learning wall where you put your photo:

Here is where I put my photo:

Friday, 30 October 2015

Free Verse Poetry

In writing I have been learning about Free Verse Poetry. Free Verse Poetry is where you don't have to rhyme, there is no limits to how much numbers of words in a setence, and so basically there is no limits!

Here is my Poetry about flying overseas for the first time:

Look out of the window,

See the ant-sized cars drive past,

I'm up high, high in the sky,

The sun brushes through the window,

And onto my face,

I look down at the Airport,

We are about to land,

The plane glided down to the ground,

Bump, Bump, Bump,

Amy has arrived,

I wonder what my next adventure will be?

This is my plan:

Friday, 23 October 2015

Reading Follow-Up

My task for my reading follow-up this week is answering questions from chapter two, of my book that I am reading at the moment, which is Petronas. We had to answer four questions about the book, here it is.

What do you know about deserts and the life of nomadic tribes?  How did this help your understanding of the problems Baba and the nomads face in finding water to survive?
I know that a nomadic tribe is a group of people that travel in different places. They also carry a put up tent with them. Because they don't live in one place. Baba is twelve years old and needs to find water for her tribe. It is also very hard when you are moving lots. Their tribe puts lots of pressure on Baba. How will they survive?

“Now, something else caught her eye.  Could it be?...It was a miracle - a dream come true.” (p.13) Why did the author not tell the reader what Baba saw here?  What was the purpose of this omission? 
Because it gets the reader interested to read more and find out what they are talking about.

Alliteration is the repetition of the first letters or sounds of words within a sentence.  The author writes, “There was grass: long, luxurious grass.” (p.11) How does this use of alliteration help you to visualise the grass?
Because it describes the grass in two clean fresh words.

What other words that start with “l” could you add to the sentence to enhance the description? 
Landscape of grass.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Book Bash

At school we are starting up a thing called Book Bash. That is when the teachers choose ten books that they think that we will enjoy. Then we pick three favourite books out of the ten. The way we decide if we are suitable for the book is we read the blurb and decide if we like the book then we read one page out of the book and if we don't know a word we put up one finger out of five. Then if we get five words wrong, then we will have five fingers up and that means that the book is to hard for you. 

1. Title- I think the title of the book is a weird title. I don't know what it means yet but I will find out when I read it. I wonder why the book is called Petronas. It is a very interesting name.

Cover Design- The cover design is very rain like. I love how they have got drips down from the top of the book because it fells like it is dripping to be opened and read. Also I wonder why the lay have got a bird flying on the front cover. But soon I will find out.

Blurb- the start of the blurb really interesting because it hooks the reader in. I wounded why they used the word "He" instead of the name of the thing. The end question always hooks the reader more and more and makes them think about the question more and more. This book does that really, really well.

2. Predictions- I think the book is about a person who has discovered a bird around the city. And the person thinks it knows how was here before them and why.

Friday, 25 September 2015

Image Questioning

This week for our Tic-Tac-Toe's I chose to do Image Questioning. That was when we had a image and we had to question about the image. I think I did a great job. This week the image is about a Koala and a man. I chose to decorate it on Pic-Collage.

Friday, 11 September 2015

Passion Portfolio Sample

MY PASSION PROJECT INQUIRY IS… To build my knowledge on Interior Design.

I am trying to find out and learn more about Interior Design. I am trying to get better at finding things I might want in the bed room, I am creating. For example, I try choose what three or two main colours might look good together for a 8-11 girls room. I have been working on a Mood Board, which has been a really good help.


What I Know About Interior Design:

1.Interior Design Is when you design a room inside a house.

2.Interior Designs inside a house normally have two or three colours they base their room on.

3.Interior Design can have different themes like country side or Modern Life Style.
4.Interior Design can have the feeling of bright rooms, warm rooms, dark rooms and more.

What I Have Learnt About Interior Design:

5.Before you start you have to make plans about how long you want things to be inside the room, what colours and what furniture, you might want or need.

6.Colour pallets are used so you can decide what colours you might want the room, depending on what theme you want and what feeling you want to get when you walk in the room.

7.You will also need to make sure you have measured the walls and everything to make sure the furniture all fits in at the end.

8. You need to choose what room you are going to recreate or make inside.

9. You can get inspiration off the internet like up the top I have done and what other people think.

10. You also need to think about flooring and what type of flooring you want to have.

11.Decoration is everything in rooms, even if it is just a book on a shelf.

12. Starting on a room is hard if you don't have any inspiration to get you started.

13. Making a Mood Board is a great idea as it shows what you like and might want in you room.

I think you have done a good job on this passion project because you have found lots of photos and you have told us the steps that you took to learn about interior design. What I think you could work on is trying what you have learned about and show a picture of your room with some interior design in it so we know that you can do it. Rosalind:)

I think I have done a great job with my passion project. I have learnt and got better at designing. And what things you should follow if you ever make a room. I am really proud of myself. I could get better at  my style I choose next time because I took along time to deside also you get different feelings when you walk into different spaces, I think I would have gotten a more play room feel. I was not going for a play room but know I know what to improve.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Pae Tamariki


Friday the 31st of July the Kapa Haka group went to Pae Tamariki. Pae Tamariki is a chance from what you have learnt in Kapa Haka, to share your knowledge. We performed at the Regent Theatre. We perform our songs that we have learnt in Kapa Haka. We practise every week on Monday after lunch.

Big Idea:

At Pae Tamariki, I felt... A bit nervous and excited at the same time. I felt nervous because we are performing I front of loads of people. And I felt excited because we don't normally perform to loads of people everyday.

I felt most proud of…being there at the Regent, with my Kapa Haka group because I wouldn't have been there for the experience, without Rosie and Nic. Rosie and Nic Teach us Kapa Haka.

I found remembering to move to the sides tough, when the boys do the Haka challenging because… sometimes people forget to move over that side and also sometimes people squish you I between someone.

I managed this challenge by….remembering people to move to the side and to not move so close to each other because we would not be able to do the actions.

At Kapa Haka, I next want to..... Getting less nervous for when we have to share like at Pae Tamariki.

I think you are wonderful at Kapahaka and work hard. You smile a lot and enjoy Kapahaka. But as you said you could work on having fun when you perform, on stage for lots of parents and other schools. Taylor

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Math Portfolio Sample

In my workshop I have been learning about how to use the box method, when we are trying to solve multiplication and division questions. We try solve harder questions, that we can't solve straight away.

Big Idea:

Feedback/Feedforward: I think you have exsplanded it really well no one will be able to misunder stand it. I think you could make it better by not writing in words because in maths it's all about numbers

I think I have got the idea of how to do the box method but I think I need to work on getting faster on the strategy. I know I can get better at this when I get faster at it. I have a goal that I will work on it until it gets fast. I know I have accomplished it when I can get a really hard division or multiplication and solve it really fast.

Friday, 21 August 2015

Production Portfolio Sample

This year for our school Production we are doing Wearable Arts. Our purpose is Production Ora-Life. Our task is to upcycle old things that we have got at home. The theme that I am in is Hero's And Villan's. I am a Villan. I got to chose my first and second choices out of three different themes. My first choice was Elements, second was Hero's And Villan's. I got my second choice. We made a mood board to start getting our inspiration inspired, for when we do start creating our gourmet. My inspiration is Maleficent because she starts of as a villan and she inspired me to have big black wings in my creation.

Mood Board

What I Want To Look Like

Some Of My Gourmet

My Final Piece

1) The materials that I used to create my garment were:
Card Board, Paper Mâché, Shade Cloth, Old Shoes and clothes, Egg cartons, Skirt, Black paper, paint, black plastic bags, bubble wrap.

2) The most challenging thing about production for me was: 
What I was going to use for each part of my garmet because you know what you are doing you need to thing a little deeper to find out how and what you are going to need.

3) One way I demonstrated a growth mindset during production was:
When I didn't know what I was going to make my wings out of, but then I had a great idea and I got back on track.

4) Something I am really proud of about production was:
Making my wings because I achieved them to a very high standard and they turned out how I wanted.

5) Our school vision is to create agency, creativity and excellence. I showed this by:
Creativity because I have done loads of things that have invoked making something.

Agency because I helped other finish their garments.

Exellence because I achieved everything to a high standard and couldn't improve.

Feedforward/feedback:wow what a cool garmet it looks so villian like many next time you could work on finishing your things on time :)ashlee 

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Porfolio Sample Writing

In writing I have been learning about starting my sentences with conjunctions. 
For. And. Nor. But. Or. Yet. So. I use FANBOYS to help me remember.
I got my goal from tally marking different goals, if I had it in my writing, from last term. And the least tally marks I got was on starting sentences with conjunctions. 
I have been trying to get better at my goal by writing a story about a fish. We had to incorporate an image that Troy gave us for our writing. I think that image really motivated me to write about a fish because I haven't wrote a story about a fish before, so it was a really good experience. 

Tally Marking System

Photo We Had To Include In Our Writing

This Is My Story 

I Have Highlighted The Conjuctions I Have Added In My Story

FeedBack/FeedForward:I think you have done a great job of using fanboys in your writing. Next time you could describe what the fish look like and what kind of fish they are. Also write what makes them them.

I think I have done a great job with starting sentences with conjunctions because I remembered to use FAnBOYS to help me along the way and also because I have done a mixture of short and long sentences. I think I could have started more sentences with conjunctions because it can make my writing more interesting.

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Portfolio Sample Term 3 Tic-Tac-Toe

In class we have a Tic-Tac-Toe. Which is a place where we get our activities for literacy from. We have to choose three Tic-Tac-Toes for the week. We need to remember to use our time wisely for the whole morning until brunch. By the end of the week we should have three Tic-Tac-Toes, done to high standard. One of my Tic-Tac-Toes I choose for the week is called Interview. We have to interview someone. It can be anyone you want. It can be someone from a story book to someone in real life. I did mine on Alice In Wonderland. I Did mine on Alice because I wanted to write down some crazy answers.

Big Idea:
This Term I had to choose my goal. And I choose Questioning because I wanted to have a better understanding and picture in my mind, while I'm reading and Questioning. In questioning we ask questions, Before we read the book, during we read it and after. Before we ask Questions about what we think we can find in the book judging on the book title, cover and blurb. During we might ask questions, like why might he have done that and where are they taking him. And after we read the book we ask questions that we can find in the book.

"Hi Alice how is your day?"

"Sorry , what was that. I was in another day dream. It was about a white rabbit."

"Excuse me Alice but could we please ask you some questions?"


"Alice have you been to Wonderland more than once?"

"In fact I have."

"What do you enjoy most at Wonderland?"

"Well, I do enjoy talking with the Mad Hatter."

"Why is that?"

"Because I find out more about him and what different type hats he's got!"

"What is your favourite part of being in a book and a movie?"

"I love being in both a movie and book because it is thrilling for people who are reading and watching about what will happen next."

"Alice what was the most scariest part of the movie?"

"Probably, slaying the Jabawoki because at first, I couldn't see myself even starting to do it."

"Would you want to change your name?"

"I think I want to stick with my name because Alice is a very pretty name."

"If you could change to a different character in a story or a movie who would you change to?"

"I would love to change to................"

"Alice! ALICE!"

"Yes , Sorry I keep on dozing off."

"Alice could you please answer one more question?"

"Yes, I would love to!"

"Do you like your dress that you wear?"

"I have no idea? I mean I like it but I like some flowers in my hair to match my dress!"

"Well, thank you for joining me today! Maybe I will see you in your movie again?"

"Yes, it has been nice. See you later!"

Well Done Amy I think you have asked great questions and have answered them thoughrly, I think you have done an amazing job and done it to a high standard I think you could make your questions harder. Well done Amy. Grace 😊

I think I have done a great job with my questions and answers because they tell the reader why in the answers that Alice has given. But next time I would like to make it more entertaining some how becaus e I couldn't find out how to make it more interesting.

Friday, 26 June 2015

Secret HQ

My goal for writing is Words and using Conectives and Conjunctions. I have been working on using better words in my writing and using time words. Also I need to put some interesting words to make the reader influenced to read the rest of my story. How I got my goal was I did a test with the writing in my book already at the start of the term with the writing that I already had put in there. Then we marked our work in our book and put a tally mark for each part of my writing that I had done next to that goal on the paper. Once we finished that then we added our tally marks on our sheets separately. Then the sheet with the least amount of tally marks would be the goal that we worked on.

Big Idea:

In my writing I have highlighted the conjunctions red and connectives.

"Hi, I'm Mr Robert from the Secret Agency. This is my rom at HQ  and yes Mr Rusty, you can probably tell that we are in space!" Mr Robert explained to the robot.

"Wow, this is a really big room Mr Robert." Says Mr Rusty.

Although Mr Roberts room has lots of spy gear, the robot got a vibe that Robert liked making things like he made Rusty.

As Mr Robert sat down in his computer chair he started talking to Mr Rusty, "Mr Rusty." He began' "You are very important to me and  to everyone at HQ also while you go on missions. I am going to take you on missions once I talk to my boss into letting you come with me also how you will develop helping people at HQ." Mr Robert sounded very convinced.

Until Mr Robert had done the final touches on Mr Rusty , Mr Rusty would not be going on missions.

Mr Robert screwed on the last touch and it was the Mood Changer. The Mood Changer will predict the robots mood. As Mr Robert screwed on the Red Mood Changer and he was very pleased with

"That's it Mr Rusty, I'm all finished. I am ready to show you to my boss."

While entering the room, Mr Robert stepped very carefully, followed by Rusty. They both knew this was very important.

When facing away, the boss knew they were there. When he turned around to face them, he got a surprise when he met the robots eye.

Before Mr Robert spoke up he gulped, "Hello boss, I have created this robot to help people on missions as well as  at HQ."

"Well Mr Robert, this robot looks very interesting, could you please tell me a little bit about him?"

"I would love to." Mr Robert carried on, "So, this is Mr Rusty and I think he would be great on our team because..." Mr Robert stopped to look at Mr Rusty, "He has got what it takes. Since he has got
and tracking devices it is way better instead of carrying loads of spy stuff on your own.  Since this robot has a whole home inside him, you can go under cover on a secret mission inside to hide your self!"

When he looked his boss straight in the eye, Mr Robert got a chill down his spine.

Mr Roberts boss took an apple from his white fridge that was about the same size as him.

"Well, I am very impressed  with you and your robot. You, Mr Robert, have worked here for many years so  I think that you and your robot should go on a very important mission." The boss stood to examine the robot carefully.  As Mr Rusty stood very still he did not want to knock over or fall on anything.

The bosses room was full with shelves on the left for all his outstanding awards as a spy. On the right was a little table for two. His desk made out of dark brown wood , was in the middle of his room because his bathroom was behind him. As though you think he could not posably fit his bed in his room, you thought wrong  in the back of his desk is an pull out draw which holds his bed inside.

"Also, Mr Rusty can fly me down to earth  then back up here to HQ again." Mr Robert added  with a 
pleased smile on his face.

"Very impressive. I want you to do this very important mission." While the boss said as he turns his 
computer screen on  and   it flickers into life. It shows a picture of their target also where the mission is on earth.

The picture is of a woman  with  short dark brown hair. She's got evil eyes that look very cunning.

When Mr Robert turned to face Mr Rusty, Mr Rusty had a very suspicious smile on his face and Mr Robert didn't know why.

Mission Day has arrived and the excitement danced around the air.

Before Mr Robert slowly, as slowly as a snail, got out of bed Mr Rusty was already up and ready for the big day ahead.

"Good morning Mr Rusty." Mr Robert carried on, "It is your first mission today and it is going to be great. I'm going to get ready, so you can stay here."

Mr Rusty noded his head  as Robert turned the corner to put his clothes on.
 When Mr Robert came out to where Mr Rusty stood, he wore a track-suit  with the spy logo on his top.

 When Mr Robert saw Rusty had finished his breakfast, Mr Robert zoomed over to the table near the  kitchen and ate his breakfast as fast as a cheetah running.

They were all ready. Anticipation rises in both Rusty and Robert.

They go into the center of Mr Robert's big room. When Mr Rusty noded his head at Mr Robert, Mr Robert goes into the center of the room followed closely by Mr Rusty and presses a blue switch on the wall and flicks it up.

When Mr Rusty looked up he was amazed, "Oh my gosh! This is awesome, your roof opens up to space!"

"Yes, yes it does." Mr Robert said very proudly.

Mr Rusty opened a door on the front of his belly, so that Mr Robert could travel down to earth.

Once they were at earth, in Sanfransico they were ready to switch the button on the inside of Mr Robert so that they could track the evil eyed lady down.

"I know she is here somewhere, so stay low." Said Mr Robert keeping an eye open though the binoculars.

Suddenly Mr Robert heard a rustle in the dark green bush, in the far corner of the garden outside the mall.

A villain jumped out of the bush  and  it was the exact villan from the photo on the white computer screen.

Mr Rusty suddenly flung a door open on the side of his hip  and with his huge, big, hand he reached inside and grabbed out Mr Robert.

"What are you doing? Wait, don't throw me out. We are spy buddies!" Mr Robert begged to Mr Rusty.

But it was no use because Mr Robert had put the red Mood Changer on Mr Rusty  instead   of the blue Mood Changer.

Mr Rusty threw Robert across the garden  and he landed in a big, tall tree.

Before Mr Robert could blink the villan had jumped into Mr Rusty and they were off. They are flying back to HQ.

"Oh no, I am so busted." Mr Robert said very sadly, "Oh my, well, they are probably going to HQ to take over the world!"

Mr Rusty knew that he would be stuck down at Earth for a very long time.

Mr Rusty was nearly thee at HQ, when his door that he flung Mr Robert out of opened and the villan fell out of the door screaming!

Mr Rusty faulted suddenly and also went falling back down to earth.

Through the sight of Mr Robert's eye, he could see two things falling down from the sky.

When they landed the was a big, loud, strong, bang and thump. It was like a earthquake under people's feet.

Mr Robert ran over to where the robot and the lady lay.

The robot woke up and got off the floor. 

"I am very sorry and I promise I will always be on your side if you change the Mood Changer." Said Mr Rusty.

So that is just what Mr Robert did.

The End!

Feedback/Feedforward: I think you have achieved your goal. I can see lots of conjunctions and connectives highlighted in your story. Maybe next time when you post your writing you could post it as a google doc. 


Evaluation: I think I have done a great job with showing my conjunctions. I could work on making sure I use other words rather than and all the time in my story.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

New NZ Flag

I class I was looking at New Nz Flag. I don't think we should actually get a new flag though because it is a waste of money and we have already changed the flag once. But if we had to change the flag then I would choose this flag because......