Friday, 25 September 2015

Image Questioning

This week for our Tic-Tac-Toe's I chose to do Image Questioning. That was when we had a image and we had to question about the image. I think I did a great job. This week the image is about a Koala and a man. I chose to decorate it on Pic-Collage.

Friday, 11 September 2015

Passion Portfolio Sample

MY PASSION PROJECT INQUIRY IS… To build my knowledge on Interior Design.

I am trying to find out and learn more about Interior Design. I am trying to get better at finding things I might want in the bed room, I am creating. For example, I try choose what three or two main colours might look good together for a 8-11 girls room. I have been working on a Mood Board, which has been a really good help.


What I Know About Interior Design:

1.Interior Design Is when you design a room inside a house.

2.Interior Designs inside a house normally have two or three colours they base their room on.

3.Interior Design can have different themes like country side or Modern Life Style.
4.Interior Design can have the feeling of bright rooms, warm rooms, dark rooms and more.

What I Have Learnt About Interior Design:

5.Before you start you have to make plans about how long you want things to be inside the room, what colours and what furniture, you might want or need.

6.Colour pallets are used so you can decide what colours you might want the room, depending on what theme you want and what feeling you want to get when you walk in the room.

7.You will also need to make sure you have measured the walls and everything to make sure the furniture all fits in at the end.

8. You need to choose what room you are going to recreate or make inside.

9. You can get inspiration off the internet like up the top I have done and what other people think.

10. You also need to think about flooring and what type of flooring you want to have.

11.Decoration is everything in rooms, even if it is just a book on a shelf.

12. Starting on a room is hard if you don't have any inspiration to get you started.

13. Making a Mood Board is a great idea as it shows what you like and might want in you room.

I think you have done a good job on this passion project because you have found lots of photos and you have told us the steps that you took to learn about interior design. What I think you could work on is trying what you have learned about and show a picture of your room with some interior design in it so we know that you can do it. Rosalind:)

I think I have done a great job with my passion project. I have learnt and got better at designing. And what things you should follow if you ever make a room. I am really proud of myself. I could get better at  my style I choose next time because I took along time to deside also you get different feelings when you walk into different spaces, I think I would have gotten a more play room feel. I was not going for a play room but know I know what to improve.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Pae Tamariki


Friday the 31st of July the Kapa Haka group went to Pae Tamariki. Pae Tamariki is a chance from what you have learnt in Kapa Haka, to share your knowledge. We performed at the Regent Theatre. We perform our songs that we have learnt in Kapa Haka. We practise every week on Monday after lunch.

Big Idea:

At Pae Tamariki, I felt... A bit nervous and excited at the same time. I felt nervous because we are performing I front of loads of people. And I felt excited because we don't normally perform to loads of people everyday.

I felt most proud of…being there at the Regent, with my Kapa Haka group because I wouldn't have been there for the experience, without Rosie and Nic. Rosie and Nic Teach us Kapa Haka.

I found remembering to move to the sides tough, when the boys do the Haka challenging because… sometimes people forget to move over that side and also sometimes people squish you I between someone.

I managed this challenge by….remembering people to move to the side and to not move so close to each other because we would not be able to do the actions.

At Kapa Haka, I next want to..... Getting less nervous for when we have to share like at Pae Tamariki.

I think you are wonderful at Kapahaka and work hard. You smile a lot and enjoy Kapahaka. But as you said you could work on having fun when you perform, on stage for lots of parents and other schools. Taylor

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Math Portfolio Sample

In my workshop I have been learning about how to use the box method, when we are trying to solve multiplication and division questions. We try solve harder questions, that we can't solve straight away.

Big Idea:

Feedback/Feedforward: I think you have exsplanded it really well no one will be able to misunder stand it. I think you could make it better by not writing in words because in maths it's all about numbers

I think I have got the idea of how to do the box method but I think I need to work on getting faster on the strategy. I know I can get better at this when I get faster at it. I have a goal that I will work on it until it gets fast. I know I have accomplished it when I can get a really hard division or multiplication and solve it really fast.