Thursday, 15 October 2015

Book Bash

At school we are starting up a thing called Book Bash. That is when the teachers choose ten books that they think that we will enjoy. Then we pick three favourite books out of the ten. The way we decide if we are suitable for the book is we read the blurb and decide if we like the book then we read one page out of the book and if we don't know a word we put up one finger out of five. Then if we get five words wrong, then we will have five fingers up and that means that the book is to hard for you. 

1. Title- I think the title of the book is a weird title. I don't know what it means yet but I will find out when I read it. I wonder why the book is called Petronas. It is a very interesting name.

Cover Design- The cover design is very rain like. I love how they have got drips down from the top of the book because it fells like it is dripping to be opened and read. Also I wonder why the lay have got a bird flying on the front cover. But soon I will find out.

Blurb- the start of the blurb really interesting because it hooks the reader in. I wounded why they used the word "He" instead of the name of the thing. The end question always hooks the reader more and more and makes them think about the question more and more. This book does that really, really well.

2. Predictions- I think the book is about a person who has discovered a bird around the city. And the person thinks it knows how was here before them and why.

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