Thursday, 18 June 2015

Kapa Haka

In Kapa Haka we learn about how to speak the Maori Language. We learn a buch song in maori and in those words we are singing about something or they mean something. We also have actions that go with the song and the words that you sing. There are two groups in Kapa Haka. There is one big group for everyone who wants to take part in it. In that big group we allow the ages from year 1- year 6. For the big group we practise once a week on Monday after lunch. Then there is a small group for the year five's and six's who want to push there selfs further in Kapa Haka, practise more and learn more about this Language. The small group practices two times a week on Moday and Friday lunch times. I particapate in both groups. When Matariki comes around each year we perform to our parents and teachers. I like Matariki also because we get to share what we have learnt in the Maori Language.

Big Idea:

At kapahaka I enjoy... 
Learning about what each of our songs mean when we go over the songs.

I am most proud of…
Learning every song of by heart because for me as a learner I know that it is hard for me to learn loads of songs of by heart.

I find learning every song of by heart challenging because…
I cannot remember something without practising it and making sure that it is up to a high standard.

I am managing this challenge by….
Going home and practising and going over some songs. Also I practise in front of the mirror to get my actions right too.

A personal goal for me is…
To get my timing right because I am struggling to stay in time.

Our school wide focus this term has been around showing excellence. I show this at kapahaka by...
Making sure everyone is in line at the start of practise and correcting them if they do an action wrong or say something wrong.

Well done Amy. I think you have been really committed by practicing at home. I definitely agree with you on trying to keep in time. - Aria 

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  1. Great reflection Amy. I think that you have really thought about the challenges you face at kapahaka and how can overcome them.

    It is also great that you are thinking about how you can show leadership within the group so that everyone demonstrates excellence and not just you.

    Ka pai Amy!

    P.S. on a side note it would be really good for you to check your writing and edit for spelling mistakes. You include some great detail, now you just need to ensure that your presentation is at the same high standard.