Thursday, 11 June 2015

Maths Portfolio Sample

In Maths we have been learning about different strategy and how to do the differnt strategy and which stratiges are quicker and faster to use for us. I am on Stage 6. I am working on what strategies I do use that are quicker. At the end of this year I want to be able to show different stratages to what I knew before.

Big Idea:
The strategys that I used were Trial and Error, Reversibility, Borrowing and Equal Additions.

Questions and My Answers:

1) Trial and Error




2) Borrowing

    - 155


3) Equal Additions





4) Reversibility

  - 155=


+5=160 +40=200 +80=280 +9=289
155                                                289



Feedback/Feedforward: Wow Amy! You have a really good rage of strategies. I can really tell that you were practising a lot and thinking a lot when you were writing down the answers. One question: "What other strategies do you think might be the best choice for an equation?"  Oh, and what I think you need to work on is to add more detail while recording what work you have done. -Aye

Evaluation: I think I have done a great job with my Maths but I really think I could work on showing differnt stratages next time and I could add more detail about what I am showing you.

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  1. Thanks for your honest evaluation Amy - yes, Stage 6 is all about choosing the most efficient strategy depending on the relationship between the numbers. We want to see Equal Additions, Place Value Partitioning, Reversibility and Rounding & compensating.