Thursday, 11 June 2015

Inquiry Presentation

In my science group we have been learning about animals and their Adaptions. There are two Adaptations, Biological and Behavioral Adaptations. A Biological Adaptation is something that is apart of the animal that it was born with. A Behavioral Adaptation is what the animal learnt to do like tiny puppy's can't bark when they are very young they have got to learn, that is an example. I made a video about my animal that I have been doing research on and that animal is a Snowy Owl. My I Wonder Question was why do Snowy Owls have feathers on their feet. Look at my video to see what I learnt about them and their feet.

My Snowy Owl Video:


To think like a scientist


*Think like a scientist 

*Talk like a scientist

*Act like a scientist 

Great job Amy! I like the fact that you made your presentation a video. Next time you could speck a bit clearer. Ana

I think I have done a great job with my video. I could work on making sure my video recording was clear next time.

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