Thursday, 20 August 2015

Porfolio Sample Writing

In writing I have been learning about starting my sentences with conjunctions. 
For. And. Nor. But. Or. Yet. So. I use FANBOYS to help me remember.
I got my goal from tally marking different goals, if I had it in my writing, from last term. And the least tally marks I got was on starting sentences with conjunctions. 
I have been trying to get better at my goal by writing a story about a fish. We had to incorporate an image that Troy gave us for our writing. I think that image really motivated me to write about a fish because I haven't wrote a story about a fish before, so it was a really good experience. 

Tally Marking System

Photo We Had To Include In Our Writing

This Is My Story 

I Have Highlighted The Conjuctions I Have Added In My Story

FeedBack/FeedForward:I think you have done a great job of using fanboys in your writing. Next time you could describe what the fish look like and what kind of fish they are. Also write what makes them them.

I think I have done a great job with starting sentences with conjunctions because I remembered to use FAnBOYS to help me along the way and also because I have done a mixture of short and long sentences. I think I could have started more sentences with conjunctions because it can make my writing more interesting.

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  1. Wow Amy, this is an excellent quality post. Your describing of the task, reflecting on what you have done and the fine example of your writing makes this a piece that others could use as an exemplar. Keep working on your goal of using conjunctions in your writing as they help make your sentences more interesting to read.