Friday, 6 November 2015

Self Agentic

We got given a sheet to fill out about ourselves and what we think we do well and what we could work on in our learning. There are three columns and underneath those columns are what we need to complete in that column. The three columns are: Self Managing Learners, Self Directed Learners and Agentic Learners. These three columns go in order, from Self Managing, where you start and Agentic Learners where you are on the ball with your learning. I have highlighted what I have nailed yellow and what I need to carry on working on pink. Then the first pink on the questions that I need to work on is my goal. Then I go put my photo by the goal on the wall.

The sheet with the questions that I had to fill out:

Here is the learning wall where you put your photo:

Here is where I put my photo:

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