Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Swimming Sports

 Swimming sports + esplanade

Yesterday I went to the ledo to have our swimming sports. I was so exited. We had four house teams called keadado kea tui and kiwi. We had some buses waiting for us outside of the school. When we got on the bus I sat at the back by Milania and Serena. While I was on the bus it was very bumpy and whenever we went over bumps we all went up and down on the seets. It seamed like we were all like very wobly jelly on a plate.
After we got there David said, ”We went here to see how confident we were in swimming and to give swimming a go."We had all of the seniors there and all of the teachers of the seniors there.When we got there we had to wait for a little bit then it was the width races the width races were so fun to watch. When they were starting fluter bord races and I thought that one of my friends were going to win but they did’nt.
Now it was the 25 meters for frestiyle my hart started pumping. After the year 6 boys and girls it was the 5 boys and girls then David said in a big vouse "year 4 girls” and I got butterfly’s in my tummy strat away. We started when the honker went I slittly went and got in the pool and started swimming. I feel as if I was just about to bump into the sides of the pool it was so close. I came 4th because I keept on bumping into Grace. We had to wait awhile again then it was our turn and we were doing backstroke!  
In backstroke I felt like I was just about to bang into the side again but l did’nt. I said to myself quietly ,”that I just had to keep on going.”after I said that to myself I pasted Rosiland. After our race I came 2nd and Bella came 1st I got a blue stick.
Soon after we had to wait a bite and I was so getting bord like a hard rock. It was a bit of a harey now because we were running a bit late! Then Nick said,"that we were to go into brethstroke."
We had to go and line up behind the plat for then we got in. I was scared because I was’nt very good at this. Soon we were in the pool racing for our life and at the end I got discolafide because I did ‘nt touch the end of the pool with to hands but I know had I touched it with two hands and Ana reconds I do to because she saw the tap.
After that we had to get dressed and go find our class and line up. My Mum was whatching me so I feel really prode of myself. After swimming we went to the esplanarde and I knew it was going to be fun because I had never done this before.
Me and my friends were walking through the bush now and I was wering bare feet. It was herting like one big stone hitting against the bottom of my foot. I could nealy see the esplanade only 16 feet away. We came to the esplanade and now we had all sit down under neth a tree it was shady under neth the tree and it was very comfy. We here David,Ebony and James speck and we all stop and listen. They were all talking about how we all respect the propite and how we share everything here and no fighting. Finally James said we could go and play I was very happy and the first thing I went on was the flying fox I went on there once and then I went on the little trampolen. Then I went to play with my friends.
Finally we had to go back to school and I felt a bit sad because I didn't want to go back to school but I knew we all had to go.
Now we were going to get in the bus and I sat by Logan. There was no one in front of us so we put our bags on those very squshi seats. On the way back I talked to Olivia and Aye and Olivia had a sore foot because she had scraped her self on the bark after she had a blister.
On the bus it was very bumpy and very noisy. Once we got back to school it was lunch time and I was still hungry and I saw heaps of people staring at us.
Once we got up to our classroom I went to go play with my friends.
I was happy that I competed in lots of races and I was proud of all of the hard work that I did to accomplish it.
The end!

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  1. To Amy
    I like your photo of you and your friends.
    It is fantastic.
    from Chloe