Monday, 8 July 2013

Production Writing

Our Production 

The minute I stepped in the doors of th regant I could hear people busling with excited faces. I thought to myself, " This is it,is finally happening!". I trotted pasted the doors and up the stairs,trying to carry the tea set (for the production) so it wouldn't slip of the side. When I got up to the changing rooms I found the right one and got changed in Kapa Haka clothes and whizzed down the stairs like a record player taking me back to the start. When I got down to the side of the stage,I went and grabbed  a ukulele. Mine was green with a dolphin on the front. 

Then I felt my legs instantly stop because I had bumped into Jennifer then she said with a type of tone that was hard to under stand,"Go line up by the wall!". I came to the wall and when I turned around I stared onto the stage,"This is going to be fine Amy, don't worry!" I said to myself quietly. Suddenly Jennifer talked to me,"Please can you go line up and head on stage!" Then I hurried on stage with the uke in my bare hands.

Then I selected a place by Abigals big sister. As I went and strummed along Jennifer was looking at me so I decided to keep on trying my best. When we finished I could see people's eyes staring at the ukes and us then they suddenly started clapping and shouting like maniacs. Once it was finished we went off stage and just then I heard Milania and Ana excitedly say to me, "Are you ready to have a cool time?" I replied back, "Yes!".

It was Kapa Haka now and I slowly went on stage. This was my second year so I felt that I was going to be great! When we went on stage people were staring at us like their eyes could not move at all. I like performing and I really enjoyed the performance. Well after that, we just had to wait...

When I got up stairs I had to get changed immediately. I love my costume, its got a sparkly hat, my slip on shoes and its got a lovely top and skirt to go with it. When I had finished getting changed I played on my I-pad and I let Abigail have a turn too.

 Stephen said it was time to go I felt a slit touch of nervously feeling inside my stomach like it was traveling from one side to an other. When we all got down there it was busy with people. There was people chatting, people running, people walking and people sitting still like ice cubs.

When it was our group we went and lined up. I felt very happy and nervous. When me and Grace went in a half oval it felt like we were real tea ladies. Now we were half way through and I felt like a real dancer dancing to the beat. When we were at the end of our dance the boys did their bow and went of and then the girls came on and did there tidy twirl and now they were heading of stage with a tidy twirl again.

After that we went an lined up for the finale dance. When we went on the stage we all looked at the ground and did a little bounce. Once we started I felt like I was bouncing along to the beat. (bounce,bounce,bounce).

When our class got up stairs and found the right room I could not believe the racus. When I finally got changed I went to the stage and waited until I could see my Mum and Dad.

I saw my Mum and Dad waving to me, in a way that means come to us. After I got down from the stage and down the steps, I found my way through the noisy crowd. Once I got past the noisy crowd I could see my Mum's face slowly appearing as I got closer and closer.

When I got up to Mum and Dad they said, "I was proud of you and I loved your performance!" Then they said, "Stay her until we come back with Hannah!" I said back, "Ok I'll stay her with Dad."

Finally when Mum and Hannah came back Hannah Said with a smile on her face,"I think I got a bit lost!" "We'll I'm just glad that your hear now!" I said with the same look on Hannah's face. Just then we had came up to the doors and Dad said excitedly, " Would you like to go and get a hot chocolate from Cafe Cuba?" Then we all charmed out together," Yes!"

When we drived to Cafe Cuba it felt as if we were only driving to the performance once again. Then we came to a stop I came out and rushed out the door of the car. Finally a nice hot chocolate. Then we wachted the ukulele players. Then it was time to go home.

By Amy

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