Monday, 23 September 2013

My Dad

We are learning how to write a character description using similes. 

My Dad has got blue eyes and they shine like a star when he walks in the light. He is very tall like two times bigger than me. He has got brownish black hair, that he puts very sticky gel in, like a very sucky lolly. My Dad's teeth are very white and I can sometimes see his teeth sparkle when he is happy. My Dad's face has got a few wrinkles and his face goes red when he is very hot. He doesn't wear glasses all the time but sometimes when he's reading he wears his old rusty ones from his van.

Dad loves wearing t-shirts and he loves wearing shorts if he has to. My Dad's arms are big and strong.  His legs are strong and very fit. He always wears his sneakers. Sometimes he say that he's glad that at his work that what he has to wear is t-shirts and shorts because he loves wearing them. His skin colour is light brownish and his skin is as soft as mine. He is very heavy but not over weight.

My Dad's smile makes me giggle and then I start smiling back. My Dad speaks like a jolly kind of person and when he talks I feel happy because the way he talks makes me want to smile. When you are good Dad is very happy but when you naught Dad can get s angry too. I think my Dad is a fun Dad as well as some grumps but I love him jus the way he is. My Dad is fun around people.

When he bounces on the tramp with me and my sister Hannah we giggle with delate as he bounces us up. When he's at his work and he sees his work friends passing by he will say with a smile, "Hello how's your day been?" Or he'll say, "Hey there mate you need a hand there?" I think my Dad is great at his job and if he swapt a job he wouldn't be as good as what job he's got now. A my Dad's job he has to get up really early.

My Dad loves his house but he says he needs a bigger wardrobe because of all his t-shirts and shorts everywhere. I think m Dad is very cool and he's great at his job too. At home when my Dads reading to me and says, "Do you want more?" I normally say to him with a happy face, "yes please, I would love to hear some more Dad!" I think my Dad is the best Dad in the world and the greatest hugger too. I love my Dad so much.

By Amy

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  1. Well done on your character description. I like the way you have used lots of descriptive words and similes. Your writing has given me a clear picture of your character.