Monday, 17 March 2014

Chiclewaddle diddlewaddle doo

Walt: use rhyme patterns affectively.
We listened to a poem called a Chiddlewaddle Diddlewaddle doo. It was a funny poem. Then once we had listened to the poem we made a poem just like the Chiddlewaddle Didlewaddle doo poem. Here is my poem.

Chiddlewaddle Didlewaddle doo!

Run run, on a yummy raspberry bun,
Look look, through a big cook book,
Glue glue, a piece of stew,
Chiddlewaddle Diddlewaddle doo,
Drink drink, a glass of pink ink,
Cluck cluck, I said a yellow duck,
Climb climb, while doing a naughty crime,
Chiddlewaddle Diddlewaddle doo,
Play play,I'm having a wonderful day,
Rhyme rhyme, with very sticky slime,
Draw draw, with a colourful crayon claw,
Chiddlewaddle Diddlewaddle 
Chiddlewaddle Diddlewaddle
Chiddlewaddle Diddlewaddle doo!

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