Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Cross Country Reflection

Before the race.

Before the race at Cross Country I felt nervous and a bit scared about were I was going to come. I was waiting with Shanae and Rosalind and I think they felt nervous too. I had butterflies in my stomach and I felt them flying in my stomach. Now we had to head over to the starting line. I was terrified. First Nick told us to do some stretches and some warm ups. Then we all heard a loud honk and then we were off.

During the race.

I felt the wind passing through my face and I could hear a loudish and but rubbishy kind of smell passing by it was a rubbish truck. After I had past the truck I could hear a faint noise of cheering that means that I was getting close to finishing so I said to my self"Keep on going,don't give up". When I came in pass the gate I could see my Mum cheering for me. Now I had come to the last bit then I wouldn't feel so tired.

After the race.

 When I had finished I was so proud of finishing my race and then my Mum came up and said"well done on coming 3rd place". Then I went over to my sisters class and said"Hannah guess what I came 3rd!" and then Hannah hugged me. But then it was time for my Mum to go so I hugged her and said"good bye". Then we had to go to lunch and I felt hungry. Then I said that it was"very yummy" .    

The end.


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