Friday, 27 June 2014

My End Of Term Reflection

My end of term reflection

WALT: evaluate our learning honestly

What is an effective learner? I think an effective learner is someone who gets on with their work and does not disturb anyone's learning.

What were the highlights for this term? Why? Grasshopper Tennis because you can get out their, have a go and also get fit.

What were your greatest challenges this term? Why? CMIYC because you had to pass the ball really quick if you didn't want to get touched by the other team. 

How are you going towards acting with integrity? Why? How could you improve? I picked up someone else's pen but I could improve by picking up my own pen because sometimes I leave it on the ground.
What are your goals in our learner disposition wall? Where to next?  I am on self-managing and I think my goal for this hole year is to be ready for the day as soon as the bell goes. I am aiming for self-directed because a think it is time for me to step up and strive for excellence.

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