Thursday, 19 June 2014

Writing Sample

WALT: information

DESCRIPTION: Write an explanation about something you have learned about energy.

What? We are publishing a piece of writing.
Why?, To share on our blog and during our Student Led Conference.
When? Week 6
Who? The World

Re crafted:

What is matter?
Matter is tiny little dots that you can't see and can't hear.
Matter is three different stats and the are solid, liquid and gas.
If you grabbed ice it would be a solid because it has came out of a cold icy freezer, do you know what a solid is?
A solid is when particles are really, really jam tight together.
But then if you added heat energy to the ice it would slowly start to melt because of the warmth.
Once it is a liquid it's water but that is also when the particles have a bit more room to move in.
Then when the liquid has evaporated that is when the liquid turns into gas.

Kinetic and Potential Energy
Kinetic is movement.
Kinetic can be shown when you grab a jar and have a long bit of beads all joined together and leave the end out that shows no movement.
When you pull the end of the beads then it will move and show movement.
That is kinetic energy.

Potential is stored energy inside something.
Everything has potential.
Different objects have different amount of potential energy.
Like for instance if you grabbed a tennis ball and a basketball which ball would Bounce for the longest?
The basketball because it can hold more potential energy because the basketball can bounce more higher.

Heat and temperature are not the same.
Do you know that heat energy is just trying to become the same temperature as the room or the place that they are in. Did you know that hot and cold are called thermal energy. The more hot that something might get the more thermal energy it has.
Do you know why we call thing hot and cold all the time?
It's because of our body temperature.
For example, if you grabbed three cus and filled one with cold water and another hot. 
Then you grab a third cup and put room temperature water.
Then put one finger into the cold and one finger in the hot.
Hold them in the water for 30 seconds.
Then you take both of your fingers out and put both fingers into the room temperature water.
You should feel like they are on fire.Thermometer
People use a thermometer to tell what temperature something is.
If you take the thermometer outside on a cold, cold day the atoms would start to slow down and feel sleepy It would show a lower reading but if it was a warm day the would get exited and be moving faster, they would be raising up the tempture of the thermometer. It would make the thermometer show a higher and hotter reading

Evaluation: I think that I did well with my story but I could add in some adjectivals.
Feedback/feedford:wow Amy that is a great story next time you could use a bit more of your vocabulary  

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  1. Well done Amy! What a fantastic piece of writing! I think you have used lots of science vocabulary to explain your thinking. Remember to keep going back and re-reading your writing out loud to ensure it makes sense.