Thursday, 12 February 2015

That Was Me Growing Up

That was me growing up

Purpose: To share memories from my childhood

We had to write a story about us growing up. I wrote about my first ballet class and making my first smoothie. It was really fun and I hope you like my story.

This is my story: 
Remember scattering a smoothie all over the floor, now knowing to be cautious? That was my first time trying to make the perfect, pink smoothie that I imagined, it was a peach, smoothie, that I spilt on the kitchen floor, I NEVER did that again!

Remember darting up the stairs of my first ballet class, as I lept for joy in the warm, humbling, vast room, I wear my favourite pink, sparkling tutu as I dance around the place? I love the feeling of leaping into the air it feels like I am strong and beautiful. 

That was me growing up!


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