Saturday, 26 April 2014


Learning means everything to a learner. Learning is important. If you didn't learn then you would always be the same, a non learning kid, then when you grow up you wouldn't be important to people because they will think that you are dum.
                             Important please read below.
But I don't think that you are dum if you don't learn because I read a book about a boy and that he was different and everyone said that they didn't like him because of his face but here is what I learnt from the story: Don't judge a boy by his face. I learnt something else from that morel too it is: Don't judge a person at all, from its disabilities or it's personalities, get to know the person first then once you know him well and if he is mean to you then just walk away. Don't do something mean back because others can follow from older people so be the older person and mayde one day you can tell that to your childreen and say never do that to someone else.

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  1. Amy - I really enjoyed reading your post about learning. Have you ever heard of the quote "Don't judge a book by its cover?" Your post reminded me of this quote. You are absolutely right that it is important not to judge people by how they look. Getting to know a persons character is very important.