Thursday, 17 April 2014

Raffle For A Ride

WALT:To write a news report to inform people about the day
Success criteria:
Write a news report

WALT:to write a News report
Success criteria:
To write a News report to inform people about the day.

Here is my story that I made about the day.

                                     Raffle For A Ride

At Russell Street School on Thursday Morning the rain poured down as children stand waiting and watching for all of the rides to come. They were al, standing out in the rain because it was raffle for a ride today.

There were race cars, motor bikes, Ambulances, Fire trucks and more.

The morning breeze created a morning fog on the windows.

The kids didn't care about the rain they just went out there to have some fun. Cheerful faces dulled the field.

The event was letting 30 lucky kids to win a cool ride to school. I didn't get a ride but I am happy about the people that did get in.

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