Monday, 23 March 2015

Geometry Car Badges

We have been learning about transformation.  We have specifically learnt that...

  • translation is when an object slides in any direction;
  • rotation is when an object is turned around a central point;
  • reflection is when an object is flipped and has a line of symmetry.

Our challenge was to design a car badge that contained at least one of these aspects of transformation.  I choose to do a car badge about what I like.

My Big Idea:

I really love your badge Amy! 
You have showed reflection really well.
What I think you should work on is to try to get more translation in your badge to make it more unique.
Well done,
Aye :-P

Evaluation:I think I did a really great job with making sure everything was reflected onto the other side. Next time I do this I could have made my picture a bit bigger so I could see it a bit more easily, also I could have put my self into the pit and not just have done reflection but have done something else as well as reflection.

1 comment:

  1. Do you have any ideas Amy about how you could have added translation or rotation in your design? I love how you have reflected the things that you love in your design, especially your ballet shoes!