Thursday, 26 March 2015

Te Ahu a Turanga Noho Marae

Description:  In week 7, we had an overnight stay at the local Marae in Woodville.  We were immersed in Maori culture and participated in a range of activities.  We set two goals to focus on during our stay.

Big Idea:  
1.  I think I did very well to achieve both goals. I know I have completed this goal because I did wake up at 7.00am and I did try some different foods that I haven't tried before.

2.  I am most proud of doing the gorge walk because it was really hard and my legs started to feel sore but I still did it.

3.  The thing that challenged me the most was trying to fall asleep because the sleeping bags made some noise as well as kids talking but I was really pleased when I did fall asleep.

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