Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Star Test

We did a star test. There were some parts that were hard and some parts were easy. I think thought that I was challenged a lot. There was four sections to the test, Word Recognition, Sentence Comprehesion, Paragraph Comprehesion and Vocabulary.

Big Idea:
My new goal for this term is to get better at my Comprehesion because I need to work on seeing a mental image in my mind. I am going to practice hard so I can see in my mind what I'm reading a lot more than what I am doing now. I want to complete this goal by the end of this term. I know I have completed this goal by letting someone I know listen to me read and then talking to them about what I saw in my mind after I read a paragraph. I know I haven't completed this goal if after I read for 20 mins I am still having trouble to see a very clear picture. 

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